How A Comfy Rug Will Be A Godsend For Your Home In Dubai?


July 13, 2021

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Carpets and rugs are a part of the Middle East culture. Rugs in UAE are a symbol of warm and welcoming vibe as it represents the vibrant heritage of the region. Carpets are a major part of Dubai’s home décor and you will find them almost everywhere. Rugs in Dubai are in popular demand amongst tourists and residents. Every home is incomplete without an area rug. It is an integral part of home décor in the whole of the Middle East. In Dubai, if your home has no wall-to-wall carpeting then you must at least have an area rug. Rugs Dubai is an important accessory for making the living space cosy and comfy. If you have a wall-to-wall carpet then an appropriate area rug will add pattern, colour, and texture to the living space. Colourful and classic carpets and rugs add a cosy vibe to the home. Rugs UAE is very famous because of their refined fabric quality and design. The right or wrong sized rug can either elevate the look of your space or make it unwelcoming. Therefore, you must determine the size of your room before buying rugs in UAE. There are many types of rugs available in the market today such as modern rugs, area rugs, round rugs, shaggy rugs, living room rugs, custom made rugs, and rugs on carpet. If you are confused about which type of rug will best suit your living space, then you must go through the points mentioned below:

  • Measure your space- Before purchasing an area rug, you must first measure the space you want to place it in. Area rugs come in many shapes and sizes therefore, it is important to consider the size of your room and the home décor theme. After measuring the dimensions of your room, you must keep in mind to choose an area rug that does not look like wall-to-wall carpet. You can also measure out the desired rug size and your furniture set, to determine the exact placement of the area rug. This will help you visualize the décor before purchasing it.
  • Layering rugs saves money- A large area rug can be a pinch in the pocket depending on its production, materials, size, style and age. But layering a smaller rug on a cheaper and larger rug can be a more affordable option. You can also experiment with different materials that complement the room style and layer them onto each other. Do not keep the rugs too close as it can cause tripping.
  • Determine the position of your furniture- There are many different placements that you can do for your living room. Some of the most popular arrangements are all legs or front legs on the area rug, and floating furniture.

These are technical design rules and can be bent a little here and there. You can always experiment with the placement of area rugs if you love them. Every person has a different sense of style and taste, and it is okay to follow your heart when it comes to designing your personal space. Your home, after all, reflects your personality.

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